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So much more than CrossFit, we should probably change our name to Rocket Fitness.

CrossFit isn’t your ordinary workout, and Rocket isn’t your ordinary gym. We love CrossFit, and believe it can get you in the best shape of your life. But you can’t, and shouldn’t, do it all the time. So, to give you well-rounded fitness options,  we also offer YOGA, MOBILITY, OLYMPIC LIFTING, COMPETITION  and RUNNING classes.  Of course, we also have the best community we’ve ever known. Seriously, these people are awesome.

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March 8, 2015

No experience necessary! Heard how awesome CrossFit is, and how excellent Rocket is? Wondering why all the fuss? Come and find out. All workouts  are designed to be doable by anyone, scalable for everyone and fun for all.
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March Blast Off is open. But FEWER SPACES ARE AVAILABLE. 

We have made our Blast Off class smaller. There are now only 10 spaces each month, 5 in the morning class, 5 in the evening class, with both classes combined for one class on Sunday. We did this in order to provide even more intensive focus on beginners, while also providing enough class times to meet the need of all of our experienced students.

Blast Off is designed for people with no prior CrossFit experience, to teach you the moves safely, and get your mind & Body used to the rigors of this awesome sport, SAFELY. Our Blast Off program is 3 classes a week for 4 weeks.


The CrossFit Open – Open to YOU!

If you are a member of another gym, and can’t make the open WODS at your gym, feel free to do the Open with us. Free, of course. We will judge you, certify you, and make you family for the day. We do the Open WODs in every class on Friday, 11:00 on Saturday and Noon on Sunday.

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The Rocket Open – Intramurals for us

We are running The Open as an intramural competition for our members. We will divide you into teams, and you’ll compete amongst yourselves for glory, humor and fun. EVERY FRIDAY after the last class, we’ll go hit up a local eatery or pub and celebrate our awesomeness, just cuz. We may not always be the fittest on earth, but we’re laying claim to the funnest on earth.


Rocket CrossFit
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