Include monkey bars in the warmup. Scale monkey bars with bar hangs, hand to hand hangs, and lat shrug downs.

3 sets each, alternating:
Strict Pull Up
Strict Dip

Aim for between 5 to 10 reps per set. Scale up or down to work in that special place. Pull Ups can be Chest2Bar, weighted, strict bodyweight, banded, feet on box. Dips can be weighted ring dips, ring dips, bar dips, spot with feet on bars. Don’t use bands to help on rings. Go for bar dips. Or barely spot with your toes.

Then, either:
100 x wall ball shots
w/ EMOM 5x burpees (and begin with burpees)


100 x Burpees
1/ EMOM 5x Wall ball shots (and begin with wall balls.)

20 minute time cap