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Begin and end the class with 10 rounds of Box Breathing.
Start of class standing, with eyes closed. End of class sitting or laying.
Breath count for 1 round is:  4 second breath in through nose/belly breath, 4 second breath hold, 4 second breath out through mouth, 4 second pause without breath. That’s 1 round.

Start with working the skills of Hang Power Clean and Hang Squat Clean. Build up to metcon starting weight.

21 minute EMOM. 7 rounds of:
Minute 1- Sprint 100m, to corner nd back
Minute 2- 1x Hang Power Clean + 1x Hang Squat Clean + 3x Front Squat (build weight over sets if necessary)
Minute 3 – 8x Chest to Bar Pull Ups. Strict if possible. Then Kip. Then Jumping with 1 second hold at bar.

Finish with,
100x Plank Shoulder Taps
50x Hollow Rocks
50x V Ups