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Begin class with 5 rounds of Box Breathing. End the class with 10 rounds of.

Two Festivus Games WODS for those who couldn’t make the trip-
2 person teams.

WOD1) “Hold my protein shake.. It’s go time!”
partners alternate exercises, both work at the same time
9 minute AMRAP running clock
3 minutes of:
Box Jumps- Intermediate 24″/20″ Novice & Masters can step up 20″/20″
Partner holds barbell front rack-  Intermediate 95/65# Novice & Masters 75/55#
3 minutes of:
Pull Ups – intermediate.Ring Rows-Novice & Masters
Partner tricep extension hold  on box
3 minutes of:
Shoulder to Overhead- same weight as barbell hold
Partner bar hang

WOD2)    “Burp, Jump& Row Balls to the Wall”
Running 10:00 clock
60x over the rower Burpees
Partner does single unders. Switch when rope stops or by choice
Part 2
Row for CALs
Partner does Wall Ball shots. switch if ball drops or by choice
intermediate 20/14#. Novice & Masters 14/10#