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Class Schedule

Can I Drop In For A Class?

YES – IF YOU HAVE PRIOR EXPERIENCE, we love visitors. Your first visit is always free. After that, $25 each, but we can figure something out if you’re in town for a little while. Register here, scroll down to “try a free class.” That will save your spot and get you waivered.
MAYBE – IF YOU WANT TO JUST USE THE PLATFORMS. We don’t do drop-in for Oly lifting without advanced arrangement. Email if you want to come and just lift.
No – IF YOU HAVE NO PRIOR CROSSFIT EXPERIENCE then you cannot just drop in for a class except our free community workout days, 2nd Sunday of every month. It’s a safety thing.

If you are in for an extended stay, or have any other questions, please email and someone will get back to you promptly.

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