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Types of Classes

So much more than CrossFit, we should probably change our name to Rocket Fitness.

 We love CrossFit, but you can’t, and shouldn’t, do it all the time. So, to give you well-rounded fitness options,  we also offer YOGAOLYMPIC LIFTING, COMPETITION  and BOXING classes.
Unlimited yoga and boxing is included in all memberships. Olympic Lifting is a small additional fee. 

Check out the full class schedule.



From sun-up to sun-down, we’re doing CrossFit in this joint. Our classes are always one hour long, and we program with the classic CrossFit goal of constantly-varied, high-intensity, functional-movement. But no, that is not an hour of solid heart-pumping brutality. (Usually.) Typically you’ll warm up for 15 – 20 minutes, then we’ll really work on weightlifting, or kettlebells, or a gymnastics move, something like that. THEN, we’ll do a “WOD” (Workout Of  The Day.) Those are typically between 6 – 20 minutes long. (Yes, a 6-minute workout can absolutely smoke you and get you stronger.)

Our classes are ALL infinitely scaleable. You will most likely be in a class with someone who looks like they could be in the Olympics and someone who looks like your parent, maybe someone who looks like your shy cousin who you always secretly thought conversed with animals and / or had a Super Power. If something on you hurts, we will change the workout for you, to meet you where you’re at. THAT’S what makes CrossFit, and Rocket, special.  In three years, we’ve seen it all, so it is with TOTAL CONFIDENCE that we can tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS, and whatever fear you have, we’ve seen it before. And overcome it. And found out that, yes, we all have Super Powers.

Our BLAST OFF classes are for beginners, and work the same way. The BLAST OFF program lasts for one month, three classes a week. There are ONLY beginners in those classes, and we spend the whole  month teaching safe movement mechanics in a carefully designed programming that includes extra instruction, and, of course, WODs.

BLAST-OFF – T & Th: 7:30 pm
CrossFit – All Day: See full Class Schedule



We’re believers in that fine balance between strength and mobility. We offer 4 yoga classes a week so that you can work your joints as well as your muscles. People ask us what “style” of yoga we teach. Our answer, which is probably unorthodox, is “yoga for athletes.” Both of our yoga instructors are also CrossFitters, and they design their classes specifically to compliment the work we do when we’re lifting weights and doing heavy training. It is not peaceful, quiet, listen to whales mating and heal your inner-child yoga. It’s done in an open loft, in a CrossFit gym, while there is a CrossFit class going on. Our highly-trained instructors teach intense classes that are both restorative and strength-building, but not necessarily meditative and zen. They are designed to work with what our bodies are doing in the gym.

M, T, W, Th at 6:30. Saturday at 10:00



We love lifting. All the things, all the ways, all the time. Any time that the gym is open, members of Rocket can use the lifting platforms and equipment up front to work on their lifting. This is un-coached open-gym time. But you will often find a handful of members lifting together.

Many of our coaches offer private sessions as well. We have a solid handful of competitive Oly lifters who train regularly with their coaches up front. (And if there’s a coach there, they won’t be able to stop themselves from coaching you too.)

Contact us at to find out about private coaching, competition training, custom programming and other barbell options.



Everyone comes to CrossFit (and Rocket) for different reasons, and we want to be able to give (almost) everyone (almost) everything they want. Our daily workouts are infinitely scaleable to any fitness level, but sometimes our more intense athletes just want something, well, more intense. For them, we have a Sunday afternoon class that pumps it up to 11. This is a 90-minute class that usually works on competition skills (like muscle-ups and handstand push-ups) as well as at least 2 intense WODS. If you want to get totally smoked, in a fun and safe way, with people who are driven and competitive in a friendly and jovial way, this is your happy place.

Sunday noon – 1:30



Sometimes you just need to hit things. We know. We feel the same way. It’s best, really, if those things are giant inanimate bags. So we have Cappy’s, the best boxers in Seattle, running a boxing program at Rocket. You will work on footwork, punching and blocking, and yes, hitting one of 3 heavy bags and a speedbag. Basically, they’ll make a movie about you soon. Until then, you’ll get a killer cardio workout that also works your muscles and works out your aggression. Like a badass.

Monday & Wednesday, 5:30 pm. Sunday, 11:00

Must dance when done in honor of Alyssa!!!


Um, no, not really. We don’t offer dance classes. But several of our instructors consider themselves, perhaps erroneously, to be awesome dancers. They can usually be found gettin’ down to the beat, often on top of boxes, and yelling out a hearty “oh yeah” in the process. Now that we say that, it sounds seriously dorky. But hey, we love them. And we love to dance. And one of our trainers can knock out a mean “robot.” Oh yeah!

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