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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a kind of exercise that is based on building strength around constantly varied and functional movements  executed at high intensity. We don’t do things like bicep curls, which just use one muscle in a way that it is rarely used in real life. Instead, we use the whole body to do movements, in a way that much more closely mimics how you actually use your body on a daily basis. Think about grabbing a one-gallon jug of milk; you wouldn’t be bicep curling it, you’d be reaching, lifting & pulling. That’s why CrossFit is used in the military, police & fire training, and in any profession that involves being strong and ready.

Workouts take place during a one-hour class. A typical class will involve something like: 10 minute warm up, 10 – 15 minutes learning a skill or a move, 10 – 15 minutes of weight lifting, 10 – 15 minutes of a WOD (Workout Of The Day.) Of course, it’s constantly varied, so you never know what to expect. That’s what makes it fun and never boring. In, out and in pain (the good kind) in an hour.


Why is CrossFit so expensive?

Yes, it’s more expensive than a membership at big-ass globo gym where you will do the same thing over and over and over again. However, at Rocket you’re getting more than a membership. You’re getting intensive coaching, think of it as personal training in a small group. You’re getting complex programming with a plan. You’re getting a variety of highly-trained coaches who are paying attention to you, and your needs. You’re getting workouts modified for your specific needs. You’re getting a community that is committed to you and in the trenches with you to inspire and support you. And, at Rocket anyway, you get yoga and Pilates also! Plus, we’ve found that when people are paying more, they use it more. Basically, it’s a lot more cost-effective than a gym membership you don’t use. The larger question is “why do people keep paying, year after year?” That’s easy to answer: Because it works!


Do I have to do it as a class?

Pretty much, yes. And you have to trust us on this. Even if you think you are both shy and misanthropic (we have a bunch of people who think they are those types, by the way,) this is the kind of thing that is boring as hell to do alone, but oddly inspiring to do with other people. A typical Crossfit workout lasts between 10 – 20 minutes, and is very intense. There is just something about the energy of all the other people doing it that pushes you along.

That said, you can set up individual sessions if you really and truly must. We charge you a pretty penny for them, at least partly because we really want you to do the class thing. We have worked with many people one-on-one until they felt comfortable joining a class – and we will do it for you too.

We also have open gym hour from 8:00-9:30 am & 10:30 – noon every week day. 1:00 – 2:00 on Sunday.


Can I Just Drop In Once In  A While?

Technically, yes, but it probably won’t work, and you probably won’t get much out of it.  First of all, it takes more than that to see a difference in your strength and your skills. But it also takes more than that to form the habit, to feel connected to the community. To really change your life.

We hear the same things over and over. “But I don’t want to do the same thing all the time.” We don’t want you to either, which is why we put a lot of energy into our programming. That’s also why we offer Pilates and Yoga and Mobility and Running. And why you live in an amazing city in which you can run, bike, hike, swim, paddle, ski…..

But mostly, it never seems to work. We’ve made drop-in cards for people, they use them twice then disappear. It’s a waste of your time and money. Trust us. Give us 2 months and see how you feel. Really.


Do I have to be fit to start?

No. No. No. No. No. You have to want to GET fit, you do not have to BE fit. We have more than one story of weight loss of more than 60 pounds. We have more than one story of people who thought they’d never be able to get in shape again after an injury. We have more than one story of people who just aren’t “the fitness type,” who found both fun and fitness that they didn’t think was possible.

Everything we do is scalable. Look, very few people arrive at our gym able to do even a single pull-up. That’s normal. Most people also can’t deadlift their body weight. Also normal. A year later, however? Pretty much everyone can do all that and more.


Do you all eat like freaks?

No, silly, we eat like Cavemen! Actually, we eat in lots of different ways. Yes, if you ask many of us, we will tell you that we are largely into a mostly “paleo” diet a lot of the time. A few times a year, a bunch of us will do a “Whole 30″ challenge and cut out all grains, added sugar, dairy, legumes and alcohol from our diets for a (vaguely hellish) month. We support each other through it, complain together and celebrate together.

In general, we will offer you guidance and opinions about your diet, if you ask for it. We will also lend you books from our library, and you can chat with other members on our private Facebook page. We do believe that diet is an integral part of fitness, and we’re more than happy to share our opinions with you. However, we also love beer and ice cream, and are humans. We don’t shoot for perfection, and we don’t expect you to either. And honestly, most of us at the gym just eat like “normal” people.


Is this a cult?

Okay, we hear this a lot, so, we’re gonna have to go with, “yes, it’s a cult.” The good news is, we do bacon rather than Kool-Aid. The reason why people get obsessed with this is because they feel totally amazing doing it. It changes lives, and it’s pretty hard to shut up about something changes your life for the better, in such a huge way. It’s like when you fall in love and all you want to talk about is how amazing your new love is.

That said, there is no weird initiation, we don’t want your first born, and the only higher power that we want you to serve if YOURSELF.  Fine, we’ll be a cult. But we are the cult of YOU. So join up, serve yourself, worship yourself, and discover the higher power that is yourself.


Can I just try it to see if I like it?

Yes, but you have to try it for a month. The only way to get started is to do the Blast Off class for a month, which starts at the beginning of each month. So yes, you can try it for a month. Think of it as a $185 investment in your future health and happiness. About 75% of the people who  do our Blast Off month end up joining our gym.

You can come watch a class, if you have no CrossFit experience. That said, if you watch a full-on class, you might find it intimidating, you just have to trust us that we prepare you for that. And that everyone you see was a (scared) beginner at one point.


Will I get all muscley and weird looking?

It is seriously hard to build those puffy-looking muscles that you see in fitness magazines.  Most of those people enjoy some combination of obsessive time commitment, supplements, maybe steroids, and way more neurosis than any of us have. Thankfully.

But yes, you will see a fast and definite change in your muscle mass. Men and women alike tend to lose fat and build muscle fairly quickly, and seem pretty darned psyched about it. We look for definition and actual strength – as in the ability to do more than you could before. We have had members lose pants sizes, and gain pants sizes. In all cases, they were totally happy about it.

If you are a woman and afraid of looking “like a man,” (a phrase that will inspire very animated conversations if you say it around the right people at our gym,) you really don’t need to worry about that. Although we find muscles on women to be exceedingly attractive, (like, really hot, actually,) there are a whole host of physiological reasons why you do not have to worry about looking like a prize-fighter. We promise. We can also promise you great tone and greatly improved strength. And are willing to bet that after doing Crossfit for a while, you’ll focus a lot less on what you look like, and a lot more on what you can do.


How do I get started?

You already did the hard part, you talked yourself into it. (Or let us talk you into it.) Now, all you have to do is click this little “get started” link and follow instructions to start at the beginning of next month. One of our folks will call you back and get you all set up. 3, 2, 1….. Blast off!

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