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Meet Our Trainers

In our humble opinion, these folks are the best.

Our trainers define not only the potential of CrossFit, but the power of community.
They are our family, and we choose them not just for their skill, but for their personalities.
They are the people we want to be with in the trenches of self-discovery.

100% of our trainers and interns are certified in both manual and AED CPR.


Brady – Founder/Owner/Trainer

Brady is 47 years old (which he keeps saying is “almost 50,” even though it totally isn’t) and in the best shape of his life thanks to crossfit. A lifelong athlete, he’s always been into lifting weights, running, snowboarding, triathlons and pretty much any other way he could use his body for fun and fitness. He started doing crossfit workouts over 5 years ago at Foundation CrossFit, and eventually started working as a trainer there. His passion for helping people transform their lives, and for the community that crossfit seems to create, led him to start Rocket Crossfit in 2011. When Brady isn’t at Rocket, he can be found at his other job as a Seattle firefighter, where he’s been since 2001. Before that he was one of those crazy dudes that fought forest fires for 10 seasons, 4 of those with the Boise Smokejumpers. His very rare time off is generally spent with his wife Alyssa (who is also a trainer at Rocket,) and their 3 daughters, 2 cats, 12, chickens, dog and 50,000 bees. Or with his nose in a book. And more often than you’d think, he can be found eating ice-cream, chocolate bars and enormous bowls of popcorn.
CERTS: CrossFit Level 1 & 2, CrossFit Kettlebells, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Kids, USA Weightlifting Level 1

Alyssa Royse

Alyssa – Owner / Trainer

Alyssa has been an athlete since she could walk, which is probably one of the things that drew her and Brady to each other. (They’re married, and run Rocket together.) Having tried, and hated, all team sports, she mostly pushed herself at solo things like skiing, running, biking, swimming and, obviously, triathlons. Back in the old days of velcro high-top sneakers, she taught aerobics, though resisted the leotard and legwarmer look. Alyssa was resistant to CrossFit for several reasons, which gives her perspective as to why others resist CrossFit as well. First off, although she’s really the sweet mother-spirit of the gym, she’ll tell you she’s shy, antisocial and doesn’t like people. The idea of group exercise makes her want to paint the house instead. (She is now totally hooked, and comes to the gym even when she’s injured and can’t workout, because she wants to be with the people.) She also has a very severe neck injury that “should” have left her dead or paralyzed, so she knows quite well what it’s like to overcome and work around, including dealing with the fear and the habit. At 45, she’s in, by far, the best shape of her life, and believes in CrossFit as a way to build your body, your mind, your spirit – and even your ability to relate to and work with other people. Her favorite coaching challenge is people who think they can’t do it, for whatever reason. She also writes about CrossFit, a lot, so if you want to know more about how she coaches, read her writings about CrossFit.
CERTS: CrossFit Level 1 & 2, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Striking, USA Weightlifting Level 1


Jordan (aka Drama) – Trainer

Jordan Taylor grew up in Eastern Washington, climbing and jumping on all the things. Once he grew up, he discovered CrossFit, which he’s been doing for about 7 years. As our youngest trainer, his boundless energy wakes people up 3 mornings a week. It’s probably safe to say that he both works out and coaches with more flare than anyone else, which is attributable to the fact that he’s a theater guy through and through. He studied musical performance (opera, specifically) at Boise State, and is now wowing audiences is Seattle. Largely with his shirt off. (We make him wear a shirt when he coaches. But he does sing and dance with great abandon when he coaches. We all do. But he does it well.)
CERTS: CrossFit Level 1


Lia – Yoga Instructor

Raised in Seattle, Lia took to movement at a young age, falling in love with jazz and ballet dance. A lifelong habit of compulsive stretching naturally led her to yoga and partner acrobatics, which she studied with some of the greatest teachers around: Troy Lucero, Richard Freeman, and Lux Sternstein. Recently fired up by doing Blast Off, she is delighted to join the rockin’ community at Rocket, so she’s bringing a great knowledge of what CrossFitters do with their bodies to the yoga that she teaches at Rocket. Lia believes that consistent practice is key, and the body is the ultimate tool to achieve joy and freedom in the mind and spirit. When she’s not at Rocket, she can be found at a dance party in her livingroom, tinkering in the kitchen, or visiting the elves at Seward Park.

Azur Koteen

Azur – Trainer / Yoga & Mobility Instructor

A lifelong resident of the Pacific NW, Azur has spent much of his life working and playing outside. Healing from a major knee injury sustained while playing competitive Ultimate frisbee, led him to study movement and the philosophy of movement through yoga and massage. Ten years later he is still passionately intrigued by the complexity of the mind/body connections, different styles of learning, the pursuit of health, and the facilitation of positive change through physical practices. He graduated from Brian Utting school of massage in 2004, completed the personal trainer and yoga certification at Vera Whole Health in 2010 and is currently completing the 2 year teacher training in Anusara influenced yoga at Seattle Yoga Arts. His classes reflect his love of anatomy, the alignment of form and function, the complexity of balance, and a combination of strength and relaxation. Azur uses yoga as a great compliment to your crossfit training. Our yoga classes help you to integrate and refine your strength and leave you feeling relaxed, lengthened and smiling. We combine core stability, deep stretching, balance, and breath, to a soundtrack of weights hitting the floor! Which is to say, this is not a quiet, sing lullabies to your inner-child kinda yoga, it’s ass-kicking athletic yoga done in a crowded and noisey CrossFit yoga. While laughing. Just how we like it. We refine and practice movements, increase your range of motion, discover areas that are limiting your movement and give you the tools you need to feel better, move safer, and play harder!
CERTS: CrossFit Level 1, LMP, Certified Yoga Instructor


Dan – Trainer

Dan has been a professional firefighter for 26 years. He came to CrossFit in 2008 when he was in charge of the fitness program for the fire department, though he was totally skeptical that you could get a good workout in 20 minutes or less. Since then, he’s done more certifications than you can throw a kettle bell at. (Walking encyclopedia, pretty much. But he’s humble. Sort of.)

Dan has an especially good eye for correct form, and is a massive believer in learning and maintaining form first, and increasing speed and strength only with proper form. Because he’s had back, shoulder, and knee injuries over the years, he has learned quite a bit about the need for correct form, core engagement, and full mobility of shoulders and hips. He’s been active all his life – even winning some bodybuilding competitions way back in the 1990s (see, we’re old around here), but credits Crossfit with having him in the best shape of his life. Even though he’s a “recovering” bodybuilder, he can still be caught doing dumbbell curls on occasion when no one is watching!

He enjoys cooking as a hobby & attended the Northwest Culinary Academy, a Cordon Blue vacation course in Florence, Italy, and quite a few cooking classes locally – using those skills to tweak old favorites into healthier options. A favorite cheat for Dan is Trader Joe’s gorgonzola gnocchi, with a couple minced and sauteed hot links added. Can it really be cheating when it tastes sooo good?!?
CERTS: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Nutrition, CrossFit Striking, CrossFit kettlebell, ACE / IAFF Peer Fitness Trainer, USAW Level 1


Megan – Trainer

What can you say about Megan? She’s been a CrossFit trainer longer than most of us, and found CrosFit in a way that resonates for most of our athletes. She’s a working mom of two, who, after a lifetime of NOT feeling fit, discovered CrossFit and had her world blow open with the same ballistic nature needed to master a good Oly lift. And she dances. She’s worked with many of the gyms in town, and you can’t go to a competition around here without seeing her hugging a competitor who she trained. She’s a great lifter herself, wowing us all with her 300+ pound back squat. She has two boys, one who is tearing up the track in MotoCross, and the other who is tearing up stages with aspirations to be a Broadway Star. Megan approaches coaching the same way she approaches parenting: with a patient sense of humor and a desire to help people be the best versions of themselves they can be, whatever that means to them. Did we mention that she dances?
CERTS: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, USAW Level 1

Jen Mullholand

Jen – Yoga & CrossFit Intern

Jen is a native Midwesterner, a recent transplant to Seattle and a lover of all things yoga (and now all things Crossfit). She found yoga in 1998 when she moved to Chicago after college. She fell in love with the physical challenges of yoga, along with yoga’s ability to help her feel more at home in her body. She was also turning into a gym rat, getting certified to teach Spinning and Pilates. So why not add in yoga? She fell into teaching yoga in 2003 while in grad school for journalism. While the journalism career didn’t really pan out, she found herself at home teaching yoga. She completed her 200-hour certification in 2006 at Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago and has been teaching at health clubs and yoga studios ever since. Her classes are playful, fun and give students the opportunity to engage in whatever is needed for their bodies on any given day. She hopes to give Crossfitters the mobility, balance and connection to breath needed to really excel in workouts and in daily life. Jen is super-pumped to be offering yoga at Rocket Crossfit and started doing Crossfit herself (along with her husband Eric) in February 2014. When she and Eric aren’t at Rocket, (which they are, every day) they are at home trying to tame both their yard and their bunny. One of which is very cute.
Certs: CrossFit Level 1


Katie – Trainer

Katie, oh Katie. Katie was an athlete at Rocket for a while, before she left to jump out of airplanes into forest fires for a couple years. In between such insanity, she cut her chops coaching and competing with CrossFit Deliverance, though kept commuting down South to Rocket to workout because we all felt like family. We were thrilled when a hole finally opened up in our coaching schedule to make room for Katie on a regular basis. She is an adventure girl to the core, with infectious energy and a soul-defining desire to help people. In addition to CrossFit, she’s a highly trained emergency medical rescue person who you would totally want by your side if, say, a python jumped out of a tree to “snuggle” you. We think of her as one of Charlie’s Angels, without the bitchin’ jumpsuits.
CERTS: CrossFit Level 1 & 2.


Darren – CrossFit

Bio Coming soon….

Certs: CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 1


Lacy – CrossFit

Bio coming soon…

Certs: CrossFit Level 1


Celia – CrossFit & Weightlifting

Celia is our youngest coach, but has been with Rocket since we opened the doors, mostly because her parents own it, so, she practically didn’t have a choice. After suffering a herniated disc from rowing when she was 14, she started lifting weights as physical therapy, to rebuild the strength in her back. She excelled at CrossFit quickly, but found her true love in Olympic Weightlifting. After qualifying for Nationals with less than a year under her belt, she took Silver in the Snatch and took the weightlifting world by storm. Earning the opportunity to go train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs with Team USA. (No pressure!) She loves coaching CrossFit, and also Olympic Weightlifting. We’re enjoying her while we can, as she heads of to college (on a sports and academic scholarship) in August. (And no, Brady and Alyssa never coach her. They know better.)

Certs: CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 1

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