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Private Training

Not into the group thing? Need help setting goals?
Want to focus on a particular skill?
Need custom programming to meet specific goals?



Our diverse staff of amazing trainers have the skills to help you reach your goals, whatever they are. From yoga to Weightlifting, private to small-groups, we have the trainers and the equipment to create a custom fitness program just for you.

Learn more about our trainers and what they offer, then just get in touch and we’ll get you started. Of course, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, let us know, we can probably set it up, and we’re absolutely willing to try.

Kyle Long



…. coming soon….

Jen Mullholand
Jen Mullholand

Jen was a yogi and yoga insrucor for years before she discovered CrossFit. Now her heart is evenly divided between the two. She does private and small group sessions for for either one, or a custom blend of both. Learn more about Jen and book some sessions now!

Alyssa Royse

Alyssa Royse

Alyssa is that tough-love, best-friend-you-wish-you-had sort. Sessions with her are as much life-coaching as anything else. Though she doesn’t tend to do CrossFit personal training, she loves both life-coaching and coaching Olympic Weightlifting. Learn more about Alyssa’s offerings and book some sessions here.

Azur Koteen

… Azur….

…. coming soon…..

James Stuber

James Stuber

James is our deeply-geeky Olympic lifting ninja type. He approaches lifting with passion, but also with the engineering finesse of someone who just loves the details. Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you, he’ll get you where you want to go. He’s all about the lifting, nothing but lifting. All the lifting. Learn more about his offerings and book your sessions here. 

Need something you don’t see here? Just ask!

We are more than happy to create a special program for your small group. Or to talk about using our gym to run your program. Or finding a trainer to meet that one particular need you’ve got that is special to you.

Drop us a line at admin – at – and we’ll figure something out, if we can.