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Jen Mullholand
Jen Mullholand


Jen spent most of her childhood and adolescence with her face buried in a book and her butt firmly implanted on the family couch. It wasn’t until college that she discovered that she had a body that was made to move. A gym rat was born. After spending over a decade teaching Spinning, Pilates and yoga, along with trying every workout under the sun, she found Crossfit.  It was pretty much love at first WOD. Jen started her Crossfit journey at Rocket in February 2014, along with teaching yoga classes to the Rocket community. Crossfit made her strong, physically and mentally, in ways that she never imagined possible. In January 2016, she did her Crossfit Level 1 certification and started interning. In October 2016, Jen started coaching weekly at Rocket. She’s grateful to spend her days  sharing her love of healthy safe movement, lifting heavy shit and yoga with the Rocket family. When she’s not at the gym (which is pretty much all the time), you can find her on her yoga mat rocking her Ashtanga practice, outside enjoying nature or in the kitchen cooking with her husband Eric. Or attempting to get her two bunnies, Sassy and Peeta, to cuddle.
Jen is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and holds a E-RYT 500 credential as a Yoga instructor.

Private & Semi-private Yoga/Mobility sessions:

Need some help recovering from your intense Crossfit workouts or long days at the office? Yoga and mobility is your friend! These sessions with Jen will focus on programming a mobility and yoga regimen to meet your own personal needs. Jen will utilize yoga postures and sequences, along with foam rolling and ball work, to put together a well-rounded routine to help keep your body strong and mobile. She will also focus on helping you develop mobility and strength in those areas that you struggle with (think shoulders, hips, ankles, spine and more!!). Athletes will receive a personalized document with sequences and photos via email. These sessions will also include adjustments and assisted stretches.

1 session – 30 minutes =  $45
1 session – 60 minutes = $80
5 sessions – 30 minutes = $ 200
5 sessions – 60 minutes = $ 375

Email Jen at to set up sessions.

Personal Crossfit/Functional Training

Crossfit and functional training are all the rage these days! Curious about it, but too scared to go try a class? Personal Crossfit training may be just for you! In these sessions, Jen will work with you (and maybe a friend or two) to understand the Crossfit philosophy and get you comfortable with the basic Crossfit lifts and movements. Each session will begin with a warm up, then continue into a strength portion and close with a short WOD (workout of the day) to cap things off. We will focus on form, high quality movement and also address any injuries/mobility concerns that you may be working with. These sessions are open to newcomers looking to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit, as well as those looking to return to Crossfit and shake off the rust.

1 session – 60 minutes = $75
5 session – 60 minutes = $350

Email Jen at to set up sessions.