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Individual Membership

$185 / month (plus all applicable taxes.)

Unlimited CrossFit, Yoga & Boxing.

Family Membership

$155 / month per person (plus all applicable taxes.)

Unlimited CrossFit, Yoga & Pilates for multiple members of the same family.

(At Rocket, “Family” is not a blood thing or a legal thing, it’s a heart thing.)


$25 per class.

That said, if you’re an affiliate owner from anywhere, be our guest. Or just want to drop in once to check us out, be our guest.  If you’re here multiple times, or for a short visit, we’ll work something out.

* You MUST be an experienced CrossFitter from another gym in order to drop-in. People with no CrossFit experience will not be allowed to try out a class first, though you’re welcome to come watch. It’s a safety thing.

** Beginners to CrossFit will do a Blast Off program to learn the basics of CrossFit before starting full-on classes.

Questions? email us at

Rocket CrossFit
5720 Rainier Avenue South / Seattle, WA 98118