The thing that makes Rocket so special are the people. All of them. They all inspire us, and we also hope that they inspire you. We are an inclusive community that you would most likely fit right into. Unless your a mean person or something, then probably not so much.


Glenn and Cassandra

These guys are our “OM.” Original Members, and Oldest Members in terms of years rocking this planet. So we’ll start with them, since, in many ways, we started with them. Almost 4 years ago. (WOAH.)  … Click here to read Glenn and Cassandra’s story


Jonita, our graphic designer

This is kind of a departure, since we’re really talking about Jonita’s AMAZING work, and we could just as easily brag about how she’s been with us for 5 years and we’re so proud of her. But really, check out her work here! 



This dynamic Washington native has been sweating with us for 5 years now. A dancer all her life, and a social worker now, she depends on the community to get her through both her workouts and her demanding life. Read all about Courtney here.