Who are you? I’m 28 years old. I have my MSW and am currently a Child and Family Welfare Social Worker. Born and raised here in the PNW. I’m just a magical black girl that loves to sweat, travel, eat lots of ice cream, and snuggle with babies.

When did you start at Rocket? What was it like to start?I started at Rocket almost 5 years ago! Crazy! I was nervous. It had been awhile since I’d been in any gym, but I heard about CrossFit from a coworker that couldn’t stop talking about it. I noticed the sign as Rocket was pretty new, so I finally made the call and set up a time to go and meet Brady. We chatted about my athletic history and goals, then he had me do a 5-minute workout. I was totally winded after, but Brady was so encouraging and he had such an open, friendly vibe about him. It seemed like a good place to be, and it’s been one of my favorite places ever since.

Tell us about your Rocket/fitness journey.Growing up I danced (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop) year round for many years. I also did a variety of team sports (volleyball, basketball, fastpitch) until about 10th grade. I’ve always loved sports, but never been one to regularly go to a gym on my own and hadn’t really even touched a bar or weights. I absolutely hated running (still do, but I’ve now done a half marathon and countless 5k’s). It had been years of nothingness throughout undergrad. And then I found Rocket and my athleticism again! I quickly realized those years of dance flexibility partnered well with moving heavy weights, and CrossFit (at least at Rocket) is totally a team sport; working through the workouts together and supporting and cheering each other on!

What keeps you coming back? What are you looking forward to?Anything you appreciate about Rocket in particular? I come back because of the community. Seeing friendly faces no matter how long in between workouts it’s been, without judgement. Knowing that Rocket is a safe place no matter how I’m feeling or what I’ve been through when I walk in. We sweat together and we care about each other. Genuinely care. Rocket folks also create some of the best little humans! They’re really my favorite, and sometimes their parents trust me to babysit.

Any other thoughts? I’m just very grateful for this community! Rocket has been a constant for me throughout a lot of growing pains these last 5 years. Being able to sweat it out in such an empowering environment has really kept me sane as I made it through grad school and now daily work stressors. I’m just thankful for this space.